Factory Videos Going Full Circle on 12-Year Anniversary

Ariana Rodriguez
SAN FRANCISCO — Factory Videos, which was among the first online adult companies before AVNS Inc. picked up VHS distribution rights on its gay videos, is going back to its roots after its 12th year of operations.

Factory Videos owner Scott Morris told XBIZ that he and partner Gord Reece started the company online as a membership site.

“It may have been more of a disservice to our customers that had to view videos in tiny thumbnails,” Morris said, “but people liked it and began requesting VHS videos. Ten years ago is when we began distributing through AVNS.”

Morris said that catering to specific niches opened the door to expansion. Now Factory Video Productions parents several studios and lines, including Cum Pig Men, Blue Alley Productions, Threshold Media, Pumphouse, Street Trade and Factory Bareback.

He added that cum eating as a niche was propelled by Factory Videos’ “Cum Suckers” series and inspired the launch of the CumHunt social network.

“We want to help fans of cum eating find each other and is another way we’ve come full circle,” Morris said, referring to a free personals site that was introduced on the company’s initial site.

AVNS President Kevin Ishikawa told XBIZ that the success of Factory Videos, AVNS’ first exclusive distribution studio, spurred him to make more deals.

“With the success of the distribution of Factory Videos, it caught the attention of other studios and producers seeking an exclusive distributor,” Ishikawa said. “From there we became a main stay in the gay market. Bringing on board Defiant Productions, Afton Nills, Vimpex, Raw Eyes, Porn Team presents, Dirty Dawg, Raw Joxxx, Bareback RT and Ero Maxx, just to name a few.”