Amanda Chen Joins BMS Factory Team

Ariana Rodriguez
TORONTO — BMS Factory has announced the addition of Amanda Chen to its team as the company’s new PR and media representative.

In her new role, Chen is responsible for everything press-related and said she hopes to set BMS Factory’s publicity ablaze.

"I'm the new BMS Factory media rep, and I'm going to make new things happen," Chen told XBIZ, adding that the company is in the process of creating a new line of luxury products carrying the “Powered by PowerBullet” brand.

Chen also said that with her fascination of the fashion industry, she hopes to merge it with the adult novelty industry.

Prior to her new role, Chen said she travelled around the world obtaining a wide curriculum of cultural education through notorious institutions such as Oxford University and Harvard University.

Chen can be reached by phone at (905) 793-6400, ext. 225, or by emailing