Nasstoys Releases New Products

Ariana Rodriguez
NEW YORK — Nasstoys has added 36 new items and will debut a new catalog in time for the ANME Founders Show coming up next month.

The 118-page catalog, which includes Nasstoys’ bestselling products of the year, will be showcased July 11-13 at the Marriott Burbank Airport during the ANME Founders Show. The Twilite Wand is an eight-inch three-speed massager. It operates on two C batteries and comes in pink and black. The waterproof power button is located on the bottom of the unit.

“It is also non-sexual in appearance,” said Kathryn Hartman, Nasstoys’ sales and marketing director. “It can be sold in adult and non-adult venues as it is very mainstream in appearance and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.”

The Twilite Massager is a five-inch three-speed massager. It comes in silver and black and also is designed for mainstream consumers, the company said.

Other new releases include the Booty Douche and Purple Carnal Collection Wonder Vibe, among others.