The Screaming O Parties With a Purpose

Ariana Rodriguez
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - The Association for Safe Fun Sex (ASFX) and The Screaming O hit Hollywood hot spots, the Hustler Hollywood boutique and MI-6 night club, last night spreading the word on safe sex with good vibes and free goodies to welcoming crowds.

The debut Play Safe, Stay Sexy event began in the afternoon with a handful of attendees there specifically for the event chatting up The Screaming O’s friendly team in a lounge setting surrounded by colorful branded banners, balloons and displays of The Screaming O products.

The Screaming O’s Justin Ross told XBIZ that creating a party atmosphere is part of ASFX’s mission in abolishing the stereotypical safe-sex “talk.”

“The organization was formed to show people that safe sex can still be fun,” Ross said. “Instead of using scare tactics that focus on STDs and pregnancy, we want to spice up safe sex with products and knowledge to enhance the experience.”

As the evening drew, tunes provided by DJ Miles attracted a bigger crowd and MTV’s Kenny Santucci happily posed for photos and boasted about Screaming O products.

“It’s a good way to pick up girls,” he told XBIZ, “they love these things!”

As the Scream Team girls handed out free Screaming O Condom Packs containing a Sensual O Sensually Thin latex condom, Screaming O Vibrating Ring and a sex positions booklet, they cheerfully answered questions and challenged guests to rounds of Guitar Hero.

Jen, a Scream Team member, told XBIZ she enlisted two years ago and described her job as “spreading the sexy.”

“I love being a Screaming O girl,” she said, “I meet so many different, interesting people and spread a very important message of fun, safe sex.”

The Screaming O Condom Packs also included invitations to the after party that followed at West Hollywood’s MI-6 night club.

“Tonight is going to be one of the hottest nights in Hollywood,” Tyler, a Screaming O spokesperson, told XBIZ the Hustler Hollywood portion of the evening wrapped.

Inside MI-6, The Screaming O brand could be seen on flashing on TV screens as strobe lights bounced off several glistening ice sculptures molded into the company’s logo. Rock On energy drinks flowed all night as attendees ended their night playing it safe as they walked away with more freebies.