CalExotics Sexpert Program Flourishes

Ariana Rodriguez
CHINO, Calif. — Since its debut a year ago, CalExotics’ Sexpert blog program continues to grow as a platform for sex toy users to share their experiences and ease others into sexual exploration.

"There's no question that online information-sharing has been an amazing asset to the adult toy industry," said Jackie White, CalExotics’ vice president of sales. "The Cal Exotics Sexperts blog program allows users to compare notes about what works for them. And 'word of mouth' from satisfied customers is the best kind of advertising!"

Sexperts was introduced at the 2009 ANME Show and has grown to 100 qualified bloggers worldwide and nearly 1 million views each month, CalExotics said.

The program operates by sending Sexperts a monthly toy to review and monitoring the results. The products are a cross-section of new releases from low, middle and top price points.

"When Al Bloom and Dave Newman Advertising first came to me with this program, I was a little skeptical about what it would mean for us," California Exotic Novelties President and Founder Susan Colvin said. "But after almost a year we realize that social networking is a valuable marketing tool and I'm just thrilled with the results!"

Director of Marketing, Al Bloom, adds: "We've been able to refine the list of Sexperts to identify the ones with a unique voice, who are serious about supporting the program and providing valuable feedback."

A monthly report keeps track of Sexpert reviews, reaction and web traffic.

"Most of the time we hit it out of the park, but even when we don't, we get valuable information," Bloom said. "The Sexperts and their followers give our product design team an unvarnished view of what they want and need from our products. And consumer trust is strengthened because they know Cal Exotics is really listening to them."

From a sales perspective, White said that the blogosphere proves to be a powerful tool.

"It's not a coincidence that the products reviewed by our Sexperts are selling more rapidly than usual," White said. "Blog readers are also consumers. The Sexperts provide information and spark new ideas that drive sales. It really is amazing!"