Black Market Streets ‘I Hope That's Not Yo Daughter 3’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — African-American adult studio Black Market has recently released the latest in its “I Hope That’s Not Yo Daughter” series.

“I Hope That's Not Yo Daughter 3” stars Steph, Holly Holmes, Britney, Nikki and Isabella. Male talent includes Byron Long, Lee Bang, Dick James, D Snoop and Sledge Hammer.

“I’m sure this is the fantasy of many women,” said James Melendy, Black Market owner. “Girls are lining up to star in the “I Hope That's Not Yo Daughter series.” Fortunately, we haven’t received any calls from irate fathers and we’re hoping to keep it that way. Maybe they’re too embarrassed (or too turned on) to call.”

For international and domestic sales inquiries, please contact James Melendy via email at or phone at 818-998-0961.

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“I Hope That's Not Yo Daughter 3” is available now.