CalExotics Releases 4 New Adult Card Games

Ariana Rodriguez
CHINO, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer CalExotics has released the adult-themed card games Let’s Do It!, Touch Me, Booty Call and Texas Fu?k ‘Em.

“These games are great options for couples looking for something new for foreplay,” said Al Bloom, CalExotics’s director of marketing. “It’s something new for the summer.”

Players in Let’s Do It! attempt to sequentially empty their card stacks into various piles of cards. The first player to completely empty his or her stack wins the game and can choose from a list of predetermined erotic rewards. Let’s Do It! comes with one 54-card Let’s Do It! Deck and one Let’s Do It! rule booklet containing various Let’s Do It! Rewards.

Touch Me is a game in which players match cards based on memory — depending on the cards uncovered, players receive sensual massages of different intensities. Touch Me comes with one 54-card Touch Me playing deck and one Touch Me rule booklet.

The goal of Booty Call is to draw cards while avoiding the “Willies” suit. Doing so results in gaining points, which can eventually result in losing the game — and removing articles of clothing. The game comes with one deck of Booty Call Playing Cards and one rule booklet.

In Texas Fu?k ‘Em, players, by matching up their hands of cards with thrown dice, try to win chips or coins which can be redeemed for naughty rewards. Included with the game are: five Texas Fu?k ‘Em poker dice, one deck of Texas Fu?k ‘Em playing cards, and one rule sheet.

“Strip poker can be fun, but it’s nothing new,” said Susan Colvin, president and founder of CalExotics. “These games are a lot more fun and really provide for a much more satisfying and erotic experience.”