Love U Parties Easing Men Into Home Party Biz

Ariana Rodriguez
CHULA VISTA, Calif. — With the addition of a new catalog featuring male-centric personal lifestyle products, Love U Parties declared that men of all sexual identities are invited to join the company as independent home party consultants.

“While we will always sing the praises of women, we also want to welcome men with that same warmth,” Love U Parties President Ducky Doolittle said. “Men are just as important as any other person who comes to Love U looking for pleasure products or to start their own businesses. It is part of our mission to be inclusive of individuals of every race, size, gender, orientation, religion and culture. Ten percent of our sales force is men. And the majority of our customers are partnered with men.”

Doolittle said that the new men’s catalog, “DesireTemptExcite,” is instrumental in changing the home party industry landscape.

Traditionally, home parties are predominately held and attended by women. Kim Airs, an adult industry vet and director of brand development for Brown Bag Party, told XBIZ that in her experience, straight men end up at home parties because of their partner.

"The buying that usually happens there is couples oriented, meaning they buy items they can use together such as vibrating rings, massage products, games, etc.,” she said. “Sometimes each person will buy something for their partner and keep it a surprise until they receive their package at home.”

Within the pages of the new catalog are products from PHS International’s M2M line. The company’s vice president, Chuck Harnish, told XBIZ that he believes Love U Parties is establishing itself as a force to be reckoned within the home party industry with its progressive thinking, and is confident men will come on board.

“Men have come a long way in their openness in regards to their sexuality and the use of sex toys and enhancements,” Harnish said. “Just look at the success of Viagra, Enzyte and other products used to elevate the male sexual experience.”

Doolittle says that the catalog’s broad range of products can appeal to the male population where gender and sexual orientation are fluid. However, in regards to home parties held and solely atttended by straight male is highly unlikely, several sources said.

“While I feel straight male home parties can and will be a success with the right group of guys, the real ‘home run’ here are home parties hosted for and run by gay men,” Harnish said. “Most gay men are very comfortable with their sexuality — they feel comfortable discussing sex with other gay men and discussing sex toys and other adult products. Put this openness together with a vibrant informed host, a well stocked bar and room full of gay guys and I guarantee all involved are in for a raucous and informative event. It is one party I hope to be invited to!”

Larry Gayne, owner of Calston, which offers the Man Line of products told XBIZ that while he’d love the presence of his line at a gay home party, he doesn’t believe the numbers add up.

“Men can succeed at a party aimed at gay men,” he said. “However, it has been tried by various companies with limited success. The reason for the limited results is most probably the limited number of gay men! Let’s face it, there are way more females in the U.S.”

Airs agreed that sexual orientation plays a major role, adding that Brown Bag Party’s male consultants cater to men by selling in non-traditional markets such as swingers clubs or online.

“We do not discriminate when it comes to signing up reps and having them present our products in whatever market they are comfortable in presenting,” she said. “ We currently do have a few male reps who tend to present in mixed company parties. I think it would be difficult to get straight men to become reps because it may be trickier for them to gain trust among women who might want to throw a party.”

Aware of home party trends, Love U Parties will present “DesireTemptExcite” and its product line at several pride celebrations around the country, including the upcoming Seattle Pride festival June 25-27 and Twin Cities Pride event June 26-27.

Love U Parties currently are available in 23 states and Puerto Rico.