Rocks-Off Releases Bullet Bunny

Ariana Rodriguez
STUDIO CITY, Calif. — Rocks-Off has added the Bullet Bunny to its collection of Toys for Her.

Leslie Shwartzer, U.S. director of sales and marketing for the U.K.-based toy manufacturer, told XBIZ that the Bullet Bunny is two toys in one that includes a 120mm, five-function bullet with a removable, dual-action, IntraMed bunny sleeve.

“It’s the perfect rabbit for beginners,” said Schwartzer, adding that the IntraMed bunny sleeve makes it the only rabbit stimulator that can be sterilized through boiling.

“Other companies offer rabbit vibrators made from medical-grade silicone, but they contain a motor — you can’t boil a motor, so what’s the point?” Schwartzer said. “This is the only medical-grade, boilable bunny.”

Rocks-Off’s own developed material IntraMed is formulated to be nonporous, hypoallergenic, phthalates-free, latex-free and has antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria.

The Bullet Bunny is available in pink, runs on two AAA batteries, is waterproof and submersible. It has five functions including a lower and higher vibration, a crescendo function and two different pulsation speeds.

Schwartzer said the Bullet Bunny features a body-friendly design that allows the bunny nose to tickle the clit while the ears rest on a woman’s mons pubis pelvic region.