PHS Debuts Stainless Steel Cockring Collection

PHOENIX — PHS International has released a series of stainless steel cockrings to add to its M2M, H2H and Fresh sex toy collections.

The set is available in 1.75-, 1.875- and 2-inch sizes.

“Customers choose steel cockrings for their look but also their function,” PHS Vice President Chuck Harnish said. “Metal suggests a little more danger, as they’re more serious sexual ‘equipment’ rather than a quickie throw-away toy.”

The cockrings feature various designs, including black finish with a chrome accent, chrome finish with a tribal design, and a sleek finish with a grooved design.

“We felt these designs were new and unlike anything already on the market,” Harnish said. “PHS is about form, function and originality and that’s what our new stainless steel cockrings embody.”

The cockring sets are riveted and labeled with a metallic tag attached to a ball-and-chain, and packaged in a velvet drawstring bag in order to best convey the combination of tough and sexy that these cockrings represent, Harnish said. These styles of rings weren’t made to be showcased in a traditional plastic clamshell.

“We suggest these cockrings be displayed on a glass or plexi shelf,” Harnish said. “PHS will supply a small table-tent-style sign to stand with the items. The rings were a huge hit with our customers at the most recent International Lingerie Show – we sold almost a quarter of our entire initial order!”

PHS International will be on hand at the upcoming ANME Founders Show July 11-13 in Burbank, Calif., to showcase its latest lines, including the stainless steel cockring collection.

For ordering information, or to set up a meeting with a PHS representative, email PHS Brand Manager Raquel Rabago at