Lisa Ann Looks to Future After Agency Closure July 1

Lyla Katz
LOS ANGELES — The Lisa Ann Talent Management Agency is officially closing its doors July 1.

Lisa Ann told XBIZ the decision to close the agency was a difficult one to make.

“The time I put into the decision was grueling," she said. "It was a very tough decision and I will miss everyone very much! I have let everyone know I will still be there to answer questions and also suggest them for shoots.”

Lisa Ann said she has a lot to juggle in her life right now and closing the agency was the fair thing to do.

“The decision to close my agency was really for the fairness of everyone involved. Due to the amount of opportunities I am faced with, I am not able to be as committed to my talent and staff as I believe necessary to properly run a successful business,” she said.

Lisa Ann said she will now be able to focus on the things she loves doing the most.

“I love shooting and dancing more than ever, so a lot of focus will be on meeting my fans and working on my site," she said. "I also need to take a little down time to enjoy my friends and family. I have also begun weekly call ins to sports talk shows, so I can talk about my passion for sports. I have many surprises for the industry this year, and I am excited about all of them.”

She added that she’s looking forward to shooting her scenes, meeting her fans and traveling.

Meanwhile, Lisa Ann has been directing all of her clients to Vangard Talent.

“I have been overwhelmed by the kind response I have received from my talent, they are all so loving and proud of me and totally understand my decision.”

Lisa Ann’s Talent Management was formed in 2006 and a year later, merged with Seymore Butts’ Lighthouse Agency.

Lisa Ann starred as Sarah Palin in Hustler’s “Who’s Nailin Paylin?” parody.