Vida Internationale to Launch New Line at ANME Show

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — “Something for the Gents” is the only clue Vida Internationale, the creators of The Essence of Pleasure line, is offering regarding the launch of a new line planned for the ANME Founders Show.

"It's no fun if I give the whole thing away," said Vanessa Pellegrini, Vida Internationale sales director. "The new line is going to compliment the current Vida Essence of Pleasure line. If you want to be among the first to see it, make an appointment to stop by the Topco Sales' booth while you're at the ANME Show."

The new Vida Internationale collection will be unveiled alongside Topco Sales' product releases. As sister companies, Vida and Topco Sales are housed under the same parent company.

Vida Internationale's new line is its first sub-brand to hit the market. The company said it has several more rollouts planned for the future.

According to Vida, the new line consists of male pleasure objects that can be used alone or with a partner — however men are its foremost demographic targeted.