Flava Works Sues Black Rayne, Pitbull Productions

Bob Johnson
MIAMI — Gay studio Flava Works has filed a lawsuit against its former business partner Corey Wright, owner of Black Rayne Productions.

The suit, filed in Florida State Court in Miami on June 14 alleges Wright, Black Rayne and Ace Entertainment of breach of contract and unfair competition against Flava Works.

Also named in the suit is Pitbull Productions of New York.

Flava Works alleges that Pitbull, by aiding and abetting Black Rayne’s breach of contract, tortiously interfered with Flava Works’ contractual rights and business relationship with Black Rayne.

Pitbull also is alleged to have engaged in unfair competition.

Phillip Bleicher, CEO of Flava Works, said, “Mr. Wright and I ended our business partnership on amicable terms and it’s a shame that he chose to violate our agreement by working with Pitbull Productions."

He added," It is unfortunate that this situation must now be resolved by a court of law, but it’s necessary to ensure that Flava Works’ legal rights are adequately protected and enforced.”

The complaint can be seen here.

Corey Wright of Black Rayne and the attorney for Pitbull Productions were unavailable for comment at post time.