X-Play Announces 'Not the Wizard of Oz' Parody

Bob Johnson
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Prince of parodies director Will Ryder announced X-Play’s newest parody production, “Not the Wizard of Oz XXX," shot in 3D and complete with a mystery star playing Dorothy.

Ryder said the classic spoof might be the most ambitious production in the history of adult cinema.

“Everybody loves the 1939 classic movie and parts of it still scare the hell out of me like the Wicked Witch and the flying monkeys so this movie is going to be a significant bench mark in porn history,” Ryder said.

The lead role of Dorothy has been cast but will remain a secret as preparations for her original musical numbers have been in the works for months and are now being recorded in a North Hollywood studio.

Ryder said, "Dorothy embodies everything that is good in the world because she is so beautiful and pure but the production details are immense and I can promise that this movie is going to totally flip you out."

“I can’t believe I’m playing Dorothy in 'Not the Wizard of Oz XXX,' the anonymous lead actress said. “This is going to be the most amazing time of my life.”

“She’s absolutely perfect for the part and Judy Garland would have been proud of her playing her most famous role because the girl can sing like a bird,” co-producer Scott David said.

He added, “I hope Liza Minnelli loves this movie when it comes out.”

The movie is scheduled for a fall release.