Stockroom Products Featured on 'Tonight Show'

Lyla Katz
LOS ANGELES — The Stockroom takes center stage on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

The program used nearly 30 BDSM products from the company to set-dress a skit for the show, which starred reality TV star Janice Dickinson and comedian Mikey Day.

Besides the custom-made bondage restraint straps that The Stockroom created especially for the show, the skit also featured some of the company’s hand-crafted leather designs, including the Men’s Heavy Leather Waist Cincher, the Premium Lockable Ankle Cuffs and the Bunny Hood, a full face black leather hood with stand-up ears; a big red leather bow around its neck and the face of a toy bunny doll.

In the “Stalker Cam” skit, Dickinson uses Stockroom fetish products to humiliate Day or force him to submit to her whims.

Near the end of the skit, Day wakes up next to a sleeping Janice in her bed, where he's tied by the wrist to the bedpost. While he's wondering whether to make a break for it, Dickinson's boyfriend, a broad-shouldered tattooed tough guy in a wife beater, saunters in and Day attempts to apologize and explain. "No, it's cool," the boyfriend announces, "the more the merrier, pretty boy."

"The skit was hilarious, but still totally hot," says O’Shay Nunn, Stockroom production manager. "Obviously the bondage scenes were presented purely for comedic effect, but it was cool that the fetish aspect was presented as sexy, while still being funny. The show took a lot of care building an elaborate set for the skit and our gear looked great – almost as great as Ms. Dickinson!"