Alexander Pictures Streets 'Sex In the Shower'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Alexander Pictures streets “Sex In the Shower.”

The company says the movie opens with hunk Silvio Frietas, followed by several solo shower scenes. It also stars Marcelo Sousa, known for being a well-endowed top, along with Denis Tores, Alef Carvalho, Mario Coelho, Estevam Lobo, Adrian Correa, Renato Moraes, Henrique Neves, Manuel Jacques, Ruy de Sousa, Eloi Alves, Josue Oliveira, Martino Paiva, Afonso Mexeja and Caetano Barros.

According to the company, all the scenes in “Sex In the Shower” take place on the beach and features a kinky beach blanket bingo.

“Awesome title — 'Sex In the Shower' just grabs your attention,” says Janet, vice president of sales for pulse distribution. “It’s a huge fantasy for gay men. And add in these hunky Brazilian guys and it’s hard to not get turned on and turned out. Alexander always finds the best looking guys, films in beautiful places and everything is shot so beautifully. His DVDs are definitely a must for any collector of high-end gay movies.”

Directed by Alexander, “Sex In the Shower” streets June 14.