The Screaming O Releases Battery Packs With POP Dispenser

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O now offers The Screaming O Battery Packs, convenient sets of six replaceables available in a point-of-purchase dispenser.

With two-thirds of The Screaming O’s range of products being reusable, the company now has pre-packaged sets of AG-10 and AG-13 batteries.

“The Screaming O’s goal since day one has been to make fun toys for men, women and couples of all sexual appetites, and we’ve found there are some hungry players out there,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “Offering a variety of reusable toys lets customers keep an eye on their carbon footprint without killing their buzz in the bedroom. Besides, why throw away a toy that does the trick every time? Just give it some more juice!”

AG-13 batteries are used in the Bullets, Buddies, OWow, FingO, OGlow Bullets and more. AG-10 batteries power up the company’s lineup of smaller vibrating rings, including the BongO, Screaming Octopus and LingO vibes.

Both varieties are available packaged in 12-count tear-and-dispense boxes ideal for point-of-purchase counter placement, and are clearly marked for easy shopping. An image of each motor is pictured on the front of each box with a color code. The AG-10 is coded green while the AG-13 is marked blue.

Available for orders at the ANME Founders Show, July 11-13.