Coquette Now Offering Satin Padded Hangers

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette International is now offering retailers new satin padded hangers to use for Coquette displays.

“Although it may seem like a minor detail, the lush lingerie hangers will alter the atmosphere of retail stores that carry the Coquette brand, and customers can bring home a little piece of luxury with them for their own lingerie collections,” said Marcus Horea, Coquette’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We want Coquette’s display accessories to mirror the quality of our products.”

Coquette’s upgrade of the traditional wooden hanger is padded with luxurious black satin and adorned with a Coquette bow. Padded hangers help keep the shape of delicate garments over time.

There are two variations of Coquette’s new padded hangers. One has a standard flat base with discreet metal shanks near each end of the hanger, which prevents garments with straps from slipping off. The second has the same base but with metal clasps attached below it, ideal for small garments without straps.

Retailers will receive the satin hangers with new orders on select products, starting with the upcoming Holiday 2010-2011 catalog.

For more information, email, or call (519) 623-9881.