The Screaming O Debuts WooHoo Vibrating Ring

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has released the WooHoo dual-action vibrating ring, the latest in a lineup of vibrators.

The company says the WooHoo takes couples on a wild ride through the carnal carnival, offering a more advanced series of stimulation centers that target their most sensitive thrill spots. A top bullet vibrates for clitoral contact, while a specially designed bottom bullet holster hugs the balls and positions a second bullet vibrator directly underneath the testes.

"The WooHoo was designed with advanced features for couples looking for the next big thing – pun intended – in their bedrooms," said Conde Aumann, The Screaming O representative. "I especially love the super-powered bullet with nubbies that sends vibrations to just the right spot – also the taint-and-testes tickler is a nice surprise for him. As the first in our Thrill Seekers line, this is the best kind of carnival ride. There's no line, and you don't have to wait long before you get to the big finale!"

The company says that while the stretchy silicone cock ring keeps his erection stiff and hard, the top vibrator sends vibes directly to her clit. The soft gel “testicle receptacle” hugs the balls and positions the bottom bullet vibrator perfectly underneath the ball sack to tingle his taint.

The multi-use and waterproof WooHoo is available in three colors — purple, clear and blue.

Available for orders at the ANME Founders Show, July 11-13.