LELO Adds Accessories Line

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — LELO has introduced a new accessories line, meant for adventurous couples looking for thrilling yet glamorous, safe-feeling sensual restraints.

The first accessories to make their debut include Intima Silk Blindfolds, Sutra, Chainlink Cuffs, Etherea Silk Cuffs and Boa Pleasure Ties.

“LELO aims to show the world that healthy sensuality is an important part of life that should be celebrated, not considered shameful and always hidden away from view,” the company said.

The Intima Silk Blindfolds are adjustable and made from pure silk. The Sutra Chainlink Cuffs combine silk with high-quality suede. The Boa Pleasure Ties feature pouches of freshwater pearls at one end, and stylish metal rings on the other.

LELO’s new accessories are available in red, purple and black.