ROAMCO Streets VitalErotic Shots, Pills

TUALATIN, Ore. — Worldwide distributor ROAMCO International has exclusively released VitalErotic liquid shots and capsules.

VitalErotic manufacturer Precise Nutrition International (PNI) created the formula focusing on two main natural ingredients — the amino acid L-Arginine and herbal alkaloid Yohimbine — known for their enhancing effect on blood flow.

"We are very excited to be involved with PNI being a leading prime manufacturer of herbal supplements with more than 20 years of experience,” ROAMCO President Randy Alvstad said. "Adult product retailers have recently been inundated with performance supplements, many of which are ineffective, untested or cause adverse side effects such as intense headaches. PNI is a U.S. factory which is FDA inspected, assuring that its products are safe and effective.”

L-Arginine is the primary ingredient in VitalErotic Capsules, which prompts the body to increase the product of nitrous oxide, the primary element that dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow.

PNI Vice President Roger Book said he learned of this effect when he met Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Louis Ingarro, who discovered L-Arginine’s sexual enhancement capabilities in men and women while researching to create a heart-healthy product.

VitalErotic Shots feature Yohimbine as its primary ingredient, but rather than using Yohimbe root or bark, common in most enhancement supplements, the company uses the extract in its highest form.

VitalErotic’s two other main ingredients are L-Ornithine, a natural derivative of L-Arginine that also facilitates increased nitrous oxide product, and GABA, an amino acid sometimes referred to as the brain’s “natural calming agent.”

GABA can help promote relaxation and ease anxiety, which has resulted in the most positive effects among female users who often find trouble getting “in the mood” as a result of stress or nervous tension distracting them from the task at hand.

“Sexual excitement and pleasure requires blood flow to stimulate and intensify nerve endings,” Book said. “Some say the sexual climax is completely in our brains, which would explain why paraplegics can have orgasms without external touching. Women are no different than men in this respect, with the man only needing good blood flow to help start the process physically.”

PNI offers VitalErotic in both encapsulated pill and liquid shooter form to offer consumers choice. Book said liquid forms are absorbed faster through the mouth and digestive tract, which allows the manufacturer to incorporate lower levels of ingredients while remaining as effective as pills.

“Many consumers will use the VitalErotic Shot to wash down the VitalErotic Capsules,” he said. “But it becomes a preference issue.”