Inc. Upgrades All Major Business Lines

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — has announced upgrades to its flagship retail site, and an upgrade to its homepage for affiliates that sign up through has integrated Google Analytics into, and developed methods to analyze and make adjustments based on the results.

“We used the simple philosophy of making items people want more visible and getting rid of items people are not clicking on or buying and replacing them with new ideas,” company president “Sex Toy Dave” Levine said. “This sounds simple, but it was only recently that we were able to track and organize the data and have our back end systems flexible enough to make these adjustments quickly.”

He added that the data-driven changes have made’s bounce rate and exit rate decline as well as increase conversions steadily over this past year.

In addition to increased organic search traffic, recently started purchasing Google pay-per-click advertising.

“We didn’t launch pay per click advertising until now because we wanted to wait for our site conversions to be good enough to make our campaigns profitable,” Dave said. “It was worth the wait as we have been surprised how well we are doing with pay-per-click right out of the gate.” recently underwent an upgrade to the shopping card and backend of its wholesale/drop ship site.

On the backend upgraded to a more standard PHP/SQL programming platform. The new platform is easier to build on and less expensive to manage, the company said.

The upgrade allows wholesale customers to have their orders processed in real time for same-day shipping.

In addition, the upgrade allows users: more detailed reports and account information regarding order history and payments; new wallet management allows customers to manage multiple payment methods; and upgraded order API system, as well as an improved order file upload system for drop ship customers looking to automate order shipping. also upgraded its hompage for affiliates who up signup through

“The new design has decreased bounce and exit rates as well as increased user registration,” Levine said. “In addition to doing a better job of converting visitors, they have released several new tools to help affiliates get more traffic.”

On affiliates can click on the “How to make money” link to find detailed instructions on how to use the affiliate program to come up first on Google for their targeted keywords.

The information coincided with the release of additional tools that help affiliates create custom content and custom meta tags to help target particular keywords on their free websites.

CNV’s properties now have access to more products with the addition of new manufacturers such as Stockroom, Liberator and Hustler Clothing, among others.

“With so many items it can be difficult to get good data and organize these items,” said Autumn O’Bryan, CNV’s sales and marketing director. “But we have hired more people and worked hard over the past year to help customers find what they want.”