TotemCash Launches

Ariana Rodriguez
PARIS — TotemCash is expanding its brand with the launch of, HD-quality desktop content system offering a lesbian version of the company’s flagship VirtuaGirl desktop striptease display.

For more than a decade, TotemCash has been producing VirtuaGirl and has since acquired more than 10 million customers. Now affiliates can cash in with DeskBabes.

DeskBabes is an independent product sold separately from VirtuaGirl, though it does benefit greatly by sharing the same community of avid supporters that VirtuaGirl has built, the company said.

The site offers users a forum, as well as the newly developed friends system with chat and private interfaces that allows fans to amplify DeskBabes’ popularity.

“The opportunity for affiliates to cross-promote DeskBabes with existing VirtuaGirl traffic is obvious and easy using several price points and frequent updates that can not be found anywhere else,” the company said.

With TotemCash’s unique content downloadables, the company and its affiliates benefit from its exclusivity.

"We have filmed more than 600 models using our proprietary desktop technology since we started VirtuaGirl and the site remains exceptionally popular with new and recurring customers" said Rex of TotemCash. "Some of our affiliates and customers have expressed a strong interest in taking VirtuaGirl beyond the softcore striptease content that it features. We surveyed our users and some wanted to keep VirtuaGirl exactly the way it is right now. So we decided to go with the best of both by launching Desk Babes and allowing each customer or affiliate to find the content that satisfies their individual desires. So you can get ready for some hot girl on girl action on your desktop with the release of Desk Babes."

Affiliates can make use of the full set of promo materials that have been preloaded into the TotemCash website or can contact TotemCash support with any requests for custom promotional materials.