Badpuppy's PuppyCash Offers June Promo

COCOA, Fla. — Gay adult membership site Badpuppy is offering a new promo for affiliates.

The promo will deliver some new techno items to the winners of the new promotion.

The first prize winner will get a 16GB iPad, with Wi-Fi plus 3G, second place winner will get a Netbook and third place winner will get an iPod Touch.

The company says for the month of June, Badpuppy’s PuppyCash will award their top three affiliates showing the most improvement in new membership sales, comparing new sales referred in June to those that were made during the month of May.

This new contest only applies to affiliates registered on May 1 or before. The company says this particular promotion levels the playing field for the smaller to mid-range affiliates, giving everyone an opportunity to compete and win the contest for June.

Affiliates can promote Badpuppy, ClubAmateurUSA or any of the sites at PuppyCash, as they are all a part of the Badpuppy Network.

“We wanted to do something different for June and for upcoming months this year,” said Lisa Turner, marketing and affiliate manager for Badpuppy. “The best thing is that this particular contest allows every affiliate an opportunity to win. Each and every affiliate is important to us, whether big or small. If I have learned anything over my nearly 14 years as the affiliate manager for Badpuppy's PuppyCash, it's that today's little fish, may very well be next year’s whale. We're proud to offer a promotion where anyone can take home a prize.”