Maddy G Signs Rachel Lynn Porter to Talent/Director Deal

Bob Johnson
ERIE, Pa — Maddy G Productions announced the signing of adult performer Rachel Lynn Porter to an exclusive talent and directorial contract.

The company said Porter began her adult career working in the Maddy G legal department before making her first on-screen appearance in Marie Madison’s “Inside Marie’s Play Place.”

She followed that film with “Alone at Last, “ as well as several scenes for upcoming films, "One Note Affair” and "All Girls Taste Different 2.”

Porter has also shot scenes for MariesPlayPlace.

The star is also on tap to co-star with Madison in the forthcoming micro-fetish film, “Just Bubbles” as well as “Inside Marie's Play Place 4.”

Her directorial debut is scheduled for this summer.

“The fans absolutely love her and just can’t get enough of her,” MILF performer and director Madison said. “From the time her very first scene appeared on the website, we were flooded with comments, fan mail and requests to see more of her. We’ve never had a reaction quite like this with any of our new performers. But Rachel has real charisma, the kind you can’t teach models."

She added, "She’s also a great actress who can handle anything from playing a character to fucking like a 21-year old on screen with nothing but pure energy. Plus, she’s got a head full of ideas — she hadn’t been working here a month when she started turning in story treatments. At that point, I knew she had to direct for me. We know we made the right decision signing her to an exclusive deal.”

“This is a dream come true for me," Porter said. "Marie has given me a place to really explore my sexuality, push some of my own boundaries and I've had the best time doing it. I wasn't sure a career in adult entertainment was something I wanted. But after working here and being given the kind of freedom to express myself and write some of my own story lines, I know that I really be a part of a creative team of people, specifically this group of amazing people. I just wish I had met Marie when I was 18."