XGen Products Now Shipping Pleasure Wig, Perfect Position

Ariana Rodriguez
BRISTOL, Pa. — XGen Products is now shipping the complete Pleasure Wig and Perfect Position lines.

Unveiled at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, the Pleasure Wigs line of high-quality hairpieces and Perfect Position sensual furniture are new manufacturing ventures for the adult distributor.

Pleasure Wigs are available in more than 60 styles and colors, from brunette, to blond, to hot pink and punk. Pleasure Wigs are for club wear and women who just want a little change in their lives without the commitment of a drastic haircut.

The Perfect Position line features six designs of high-impact foam sex cushions.

Both products have full-color packaging with multiple product views and angles displayed. Pleasure Wigs are easy to mount on slat walls, and Perfect Position products are packaged with handles for easy transport and storage.

For sales, email sales@xgenproducts.com, or call (877) 450-9436.