Underage Lawuit Filed Against Adult Club, Nightmoves Mag

TAMPA — The mother of an underage girl who worked as an adult dancer, filed a lawsuit against the Emperors Gentlemen’s Club in Florida and Paul Allen, publisher of Nightmoves magazine.

TampaBay.com reports that the mother, Valorie Duran, claims her daughter was 16 when the magazine printed bikini-clad images of her.

"I don't think there is any legal defense at all," said Joe Bryant, Duran's attorney.

Photos of Duran’s daughter also appeared in a Jan. issue of Nightmoves promoting live dancing at the club.

However, Allen’s lawyer, Luke Lirot, said the teen showed an identification card to the magazine indicating she was 18.

"I think that any rush to judgment that any of the defendants did anything wrong would be an error," Lirot said. “The release was signed by the same name appearing on the ID card. The photograph certainly looks to be the young lady photographed.”

According to the suit, Duran’s daughter ran away from home Oct. 13. Soon after, Duran filed a missing persons report.

An undercover officer recognized the teen at the adult club during an unrelated investigation.

Officers returned the girl to her mother but then she ran away again.

Five months later, she turned herself into L.A. police and will now be sent back to Florida.

The suit seeks more than $15,000 in damages. Bryant said, though, the court could award up to $150,000 under a state law dealing with exploitation of minors.