‘Maximum Minka’ Hits Streets

MIAMI — Score Videos has released “Maximum Minka,” a DVD showcasing Korean-born Minka, a big-bust model, cover-girl, performer, showgirl, TV personality and feature dancer.

Personally hosted by Minka at the Score Studio, “Maximum Minka” tells her story from her early days at SCORE in 1994 to the present. It begins with the Korean superstar's early days in America, and shows her gradual breast-expansion from the early ‘90s to the present.

The three-hour DVD features Minka’s trips on three Score Boob cruises in the Carribean, five hardcore scenes and more.

The special features include rare footage of Minka at a Score exhibit at a trade show with fellow Score Girls, an interview with the editor of Score and a personalized lesson in the pleasures of Korean food.

The movie is available at Score’s eBoobStore and by phone at (800) 421-0760.