Sin City Presents 'Never Ending DP's #2'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sin City releases the latest title in its Never Ending Series, “Never Ending DP’s #2.”

This latest title marks the company’s fourth release this month.

“It's been a truly unbelievable month of values and savings,” said Tommy Katt, Sin City quality control specialist. “Week after week we continue to work overtime to pick out the very best of what we've got and then bring it to you for incredible never before seen prices.”

“If there is one thing I have learned from being raised in this business it's that fans know quality,” said Jared Sturman, Sin City general manager. “They can see when someone puts out a release that costs triple what we charge and only has five scenes. They know they are being ripped off. We provide some of the hottest talent fans have ever seen, both favorites and newcummers and we bring it to them at prices you'd have to be crazy to not fall in love with.”