World of Men Adds New Line, Changes Name

MIAMI, Fla. — World of Men has created a new DVD line and has changed that name of the company to World of Men Studios.

The new series, “Cum Fly With Collin,” starts with company owner Collin O’Neal as the star, but subsequent films will then add a model's name after the “Cum Fly With” title.

The series will feature one main model in three scenes traveling from city to city with O’Neal and giving a quick introduction from the airport. The remaining scenes will also be filmed in different cities and possibly have the model make a cameo appearance.

O’Neal said he came up with the idea while traveling so much hopping from airport to airport. “I had to drive out to Charles de Gaulle to see a friend of mine and it dawned on me that I need to start a series where a model is filmed coming out of an airport and possibly on board the plane before finding a hot guy in the city,” he said.

“Cum Fly With Collin” also stars Joey Intenso (Prague), Justin Harris (Bucharest), Icarus and Casio (Valencia), Vin Costes and Jorge Ballantinos (Paris) and Jan Van Arse as a never-before-seen model (Brussels).

The title streets May 28.