Lady Calston Expands Man Line

Ariana Rodriguez
TORONTO — Five months after announcing its foray into the gay sex toy market, Lady Calston has announced new additions to the line.

The company said that the Man Line has been so successful that they decided to double the amount of items in the line.

When we first launched the Man Line on Dec. 15, it was sort of a test,” says owner Larry Gayne. “Our forte has been to design and develop ladies, couples and hetero male products. We had limited experience in the male/male area.”

The Man Line now consists of 12 products.

“We launched the line with the ‘Expand-A’ products and these have been very successful,” Gayne said. “Priape stores (in Canada), Clone Zone stores (in the U.K.) and ECN, Honey’s Place and Williams Distributors (all in the U.S.) have been hard pressed to keep the Man Line in stock.”’

Gayne said he considered gay sex toys a “hugely neglected market,” due somewhat to the “never-ending promotion of plugs.”

The Man Line’s new products include Spoons, Expandable Man Tower and Man Wand, among others.

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