Fleshbot, PinPointsX Team Up to Offer New Social Platform

Lyla Katz
LOS ANGELES — Fleshbot and PinPointsX have teamed up to offer a new location-aware social networking platform.

According to the companies, the PinPointsX platform will allow Fleshbot users, including women, men, gay and straight to locate others in their neighborhood or on the other side of the country.

PinpointsX.com says its state-of-the-art PPX to-go application allows the user to filter, prioritize, schedule and directly interact with people and resources that may lead to the ultimate fantasy and possible hook-up.

“We now give our incredible base of followers the opportunity to take their Fleshbot experience to a whole new level,” Fleshbot editor Lux said.

Lux added that PinPointsX.com seeks quality outlets of the erotic scene that will utilize the company’s unique platform for the benefit of its quality audience.

“Fleshbot articulates the sensuality of all genders, orientation, preferences with great dignity,” PinPointsX founder Ronen Gabbay said. “We match this openness by representing all members of the erotic scene. It is with great pride to collaborate with another innovative, open-minded and incredible company to team up and provide a lively erotic experience to their quality followers.”

Fleshbot covers both the gay and straight scenes.