Cornetta Enterprises Acquires AllXClub

BROOKLYN — Marketing company Cornetta Enterprises has announced its acquisition of AllXClub, an exclusive, members-only club for adult industry entrepreneurs. was started two years ago and is now expanding into other more general retail product network marketing fields.

Cornetta Enterprises President John Cornetta was involved with at the start. The company founders say Cornetta was their ideal candidate to take over steering the AllXClub ship.

“They did a great job with the program, but myself and my team plan to take this program—and our distributor members—to the next level,” Cornetta said. “Our club members can feel confident that our new management will deliver on the very product they chose to market and sell when they chose this particular type of network marketing company to join—namely one that specializes in adult entertainment and the adult lifestyle.”

According to Cornetta, his Atlanta-based companies have been involved in the adult entertainment and lifestyles industry for more than twenty years. He says he has owned and operated adult consumer publications, adult retail stores, restaurants, general nightclubs, marketing and lifestyle websites.