Global Media Acquires Gotham Fetish Library

Bob Johnson
NEW YORK — Global Media International Films Inc. announced today that it has acquired fetish production company Gotham Video Labs.

Global said it is planning to release the first wave of 450 titles within the next two weeks.

This new acquisition reunites a cast of players who have done business in the past.

The brain trust includes Global Media President and CEO Dave Copland, Barry Kalfin and graphic designer Mike Novak who fathered the Vidway video line in the late ‘80’s which launched stars including the legendary Heather Hunter.

The trio plans to restore the entire Gotham Gold catalog as well as releasing new content. The principals said they will take advantage of a vast web distribution network still in development by Global in New York.

Copeland noted counterintuitive business strategies and proper positioning on the web. He said, “While most companies are struggling to keep their doors open, it’s wonderful to be in a position where we can ride the downturn and actually grow our inventory of brands in anticipation of other burgeoning markets.”

The Gotham library includes 750 titles spanning 25 years. Lines include “Male Domination,” “Female Domination,” “Lesbian Domination,” “Smothering Bitches,” “The Dirty Harry Mr.18 Inch” interracial series, “Toe Tails” and more.

Global said it distributes more than 30 classic video lines and has recently included “,” “MilfandHoney,” “ATMBandits,” “UltraSoakers,” AltSin,” “Gotham Gold” and “Sit on a Happy Face.”

More information from David Copeland at (212) 977-5225.