Low Art Films, Puba Network Set to Release 7 Movies

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Veteran director and producer Oren Cohen’s Low Art Films and internet traffic company Puba Network will jointly release seven new DVD titles this summer, XBIZ has learned.

“In this day and age good enough isn’t good enough anymore,” Low Art owner and founder Cohen told XBIZ.

“As an industry, we’ve enjoyed many years of easy sales with mediocre product and high margins. Those days are over. It’s time to go big or go home. If your product is the best, people will buy it. Low Art and Puba are bringing porn back to its roots.”

Puba is an Internet traffic company started in 2009 that services the official websites of a number of adult stars including Shyla Stylez, Jayden Jaymes, Asa Akira, Mason Moore, London Keyes and Charley Chase, Cohen said.

“Puba is excited to have a partnership with Low Art and we plan on giving the consumer the best quality out there, period,” Puba Network co-founder Lori Skye said. “Our girls along with our scenes speak for themselves and so will our DVDs.”

Cohen said talent in the Puba camp are able to benefit because there is a partnership not only for its websites but also for other venues such as DVD and Cable. “Puba is changing the way content is handled and gives the talent additional revenue sources and major traffic partnerships with some of the top porn sites.”

The director maintained that value is a high priority with his new company. Low Art will maintain pricing along the lines of competitors’ standard new release offerings while doubling the value for both retailer and consumer. Every Low Art new release will include nine new vignettes on two DVDs in clear cases with O-Card packaging. All other companies distributed under the Low Art umbrella will adhere to the same standards of value and quality.

Cohen noted that the most unique quality of Low Art Films is the style and usage of cameras that he said are almost non-existent in today’s adult films. He uses Super 8, Super 16 and Standard 16mm cameras as well as black and white, color negative and color reversal film stock — techniques that made films of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s unique and “legendary.”

He added that by using current technology he can take multiple scenes shot through a wide array of lenses and splice together scenes in ways never seen or produced in the adult industry.

“Low Art is all about making the woman look as sexual and attractive as possible. I want the performer and the viewer to be dying to have sex by the time it occurs on screen.”

In addition to Low Art’s self-produced titles, the company will also distribute for both internet companies and performers. “It’s time for motivated adult talent to take control of their destiny. The traditional production company model needs to be reinvented. Performers will create content for their websites and use Low Art to release it through traditional channels previously reserved for larger production companies. We want to cut the middle man out and let performers with vision,” Cohen said.

“Our doors are open to all performers with talent and ambition that want to release their unique product on DVD and television.”

Titles scheduled for release this summer are “Dripping Inside” (Low Art), "Asa Visits London” (Puba), “Soaking Wet Mess” (Low Art), “Shyla Mason DD Adventures” (Low Art), “Fuck Myself” (Low Art), “Surreal Sex” (Low Art) and “Janine and Jessica’s Dirty Desires” (Low Art).

The company also said it has collaborated with long time Cohen friend Steve Brickman for sales.

“Oren and I have practically known each other from birth. Our families go back quite a long ways together. Let’s just say this isn’t the first rodeo for either of us. It wouldn’t have made sense for me to go back to the market place with the same old stuff that hasn’t been working for everyone else. I can honestly get behind this stuff and feel good at the end of the day,” Brickman said.

For sales contact Steve Brickman at Sbrickman@lowartllc.com.

The official trailer can be viewed at LowArt.