Jimmyjane to Release New Afterglow Massage Oil Candles

SAN FRANCISCO — Jimmyjane has brought a new design and new aphrodisiac scents to its line of Afterglow natural massage oil candles, which will be releases on July 22.

Afterglow was first introduced following Jimmyjane’s successful release of its first candle, Ember, which was honored with the IDEA Award from BusinessWeek in 2007 and a Women’s Health Award in 2008.

Referencing the original, iconic ember, its design features a subtle crease in one edge to create a perfect pour spout, and it’s made of pure white ceramic, to provide the most even light on the skin.

“Unlike the typical glass containers which refract light unevenly, our ceramic design reflects the candle light, illuminating the skin with a very smooth and flattering glow,” says Ethan Imboden, Jimmyjane founder and chief creative. “In other words, this candle makes everyone look great naked.”

Afterglow is made from a blend of spa-grade ingredients and nourishing botanicals, including jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, soy and aloe. When lit, Jimmyjane’s proprietary formulation liquefies into a luxuriant oil that can be used for a massage — or as a hydrating moisturizer after a bath.

The candle is 100 percent body-safe and contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals or animal products. It is available in Cucumber Water Pink Lotus, Dark Vanilla Bourbon, Grapefruit and Gingersnap.