Stockroom Inks Distribution Deal With Victor Tella

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — The Stockroom, a leading supplier of BDSM gear and fetish fashion, has announced an exclusive North American distribution deal with Victor Tella, widely considered the world's finest whip maker.

Visitors to can now select from seven different models of hand crafted Victor Tella whips ranging in price from $129-$275. Many of the styles — including single-tail models like the bullwhip and Snake Whip, as well as twin-tailed styles like the Texas Quirt — can be ordered in a choice of lengths and colors.

Stockroom also offers Tella's take on what Stockroom said it considers what may be the most widely-recognized symbol of BDSM play: the Signal Whip.

"Victor Tella is simply the best there is when it comes to whip making," Stockroom President Mike Herman said. "He has perfected every nuance of the whip-making process and when you add his personal aesthetic, you have more than a whip — you have a work of art. We're really proud that he chose us as the only place other than his own site where you can get these fine whips in North America. His collection fits perfectly with Stockroom’s line of exclusive high-quality products."

Herman explains that quality is supremely important because the better the whip is, the more accurate it is.

"Whips are dangerous when not wielded correctly," he said, "and the novelty grade whips offered by most adult retailers are only fit to use as costume accessories, not as actual erotic toys. This is why even a beginner — or perhaps, especially a beginner — should consider investing in premium handcrafted whips like Victor's."

Premium quality kangaroo hide is used in Tella products because it is uniquely suitable for whip making due to its high performance characteristics, with a high strength-to-weight ratio that allows for finer strands used in plaiting.

Though lighter than cowhide or goat, kangaroo leather has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50 percent stronger than goatskin in terms of both tear strength and puncture resistance.

"I make functional erotic art," said Tella, who has been crafting whips from fine kangaroo hides for almost 20 years. "It's my passion. Each lace is painstakingly hand cut and put through an exacting three-step process. Each is then individually hand dyed to achieve just the right color and tone. I could use pre-dyed hides or pre-cut laces like some others, but I won't, because I want to make the highest quality whip possible."

Victor Tella whips are constructed to last a lifetime, Stockroom said. If used often, Tella whips do not require a dressing to condition the kangaroo hide; however, if used infrequently, a good leather conditioner can be applied to keep it from drying out. Whips, like any other fine leather product, should not be stored near heat.