Je Joue Launches G-spot Campaign

UNITED KINGDOM — U.K. based manufacturer Je Joue launches its “The G-spot Does Exist!” campaign.

The company says the campaign brings together the industry’s best sex positive and couple focused retailers for the first time.

Working with industry leading retailers such as Good Vibrations, Babeland, Pleasure Chest and Fascinations, the company says the campaign challenges retail brand marketing and store staff to create visually impactful displays using Je Joue’s loud and proud The G-spot Does Exist - Promotional Toolkit.

“We are extremely excited to finally realize our idea of a North American response to the flawed British University study and look forward to working with the best groups and independent retailers to encourage all women to discover their G-spot!” said Alicia Relles, Je Joue’s sales and marketing manager.

The company adds that store staff and customers interested in finding out more about the G-spot can do so using a unique bank of help, support and advice from the ‘dream team’ collection of North America’s leading authors, sexologist and educators including Tristan Taormino, Deborah Sundahl, Regina Lynn, Megan Andelloux and Jamye Waxman.

Open to all retailers carrying Je Joue’s innovative adjustable new G-spot toy, the G-Ki, the campaign will run for three months.