Cheater's Club Streets 1st Titles

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The new line from Cheater’s Club XXX hits streets this week with “Cheating Wives 1.”

The company says it stars Mrs. V. Molina and four other sexy, gorgeous, yet mature housewives who are doing the nasty, just not with the men whose rings they wear.

“Cheating Husbands” will be released May 17 and according to the company, it’s a tale of naughty husbands who just can’t get enough of young and willing whores. They’ve been married so long and miss the taste of young, fresh pussy.

“This is a great premise for a line,” said Hyland Church, vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution. “It’s highly original and it’s always great to have fresh faces. Many lines claim to have amateurs, but these are the real deal. The TV show ‘Cheaters’ is very popular and I’m sure the porn version will be, too.”