No Charges Filed for Tito Ortiz

Lyla Katz
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — The Orange County district attorney will not be filing charges against Tito Ortiz, following his domestic violence arrest April 26.

According to the district attorney said there was insufficient corroboration to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Ortiz had attacked his girlfriend Jenna Jameson.

“We are pleased the prosecutors recognized this as a misunderstanding. Tito and Jenna are happily working on their relationship,” Ortiz lawyer Chip Matthews said.

After the arrest, both Ortiz and Jameson retracted allegations they made against each other. Ortiz took back his claim that Jameson was addicted to drugs and Jameson had said Ortiz had injured her during an argument, but then changed her story, saying that what happened was “dramatically distorted and misinterpreted.”