Pipedream Products Releases Le Rêve Collection

Ariana Rodriguez
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products has released Le Rêve, a collection of discreet and elegant multi-speed massagers.

"We found a sweet spot once again with these high-end products that we're able to offer at a very competitive price,” said Nick Orlandino, COO of Pipedream Products. "They look great and really fit into the middle market, where most consumers feel comfortable spending their money. Compared to other luxury vibes on the market, you'll be amazed how affordable they are."

Available in red, white and black, the waterproof Le Rêve personal massagers are quiet, non-porous and multispeed. The contoured design is curved with approximately five insertable inches, a smooth tapered tip, and easy-to-use push button controls.

“In French, Le Rêve means ‘to dream’ and our new collection of Le Rêve multispeed personal massagers and vibrating bullets are exactly what women need to unlock their fantasies,” said Kevin Johnson, marketing manager for Pipedream Products.

In addition to the Le Rêve personal massagers, Pipedream has also added a three-speed waterproof vibrating bullet to the collection in six colors: pink, purple, red, green, white and black.

For more information, email info@pipedreamproducts.com.