Nikki Benz, ‘T.I.T.S’ Announce Latest Collaboration

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Nikki Benz and T-shirt brand T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt) have released their latest T-shirt.

The second alliance between Benz and T.I.T.S. is called “Nothing to Play With.” It features Benz in a pose inspired by classic mobster films with an added touch of Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse” segment "Planet Terror," complete with machine gun leg and killer attitude.

"I am extremely happy with the way these shirts turned out,” Benz said. “My first release 'Bring Em Out' was hot and 'Nothing To Play With' is harder, edgier and will appeal to anyone who loves hot chicks and mobster movies. Of course my fans will be all about it."

Benz said she expects the latest design will surpass her popular “Bring ‘Em Out” T-shirt debut.

"When I was conceptualizing this image, the only thing I could think of was Nikki being at the top of her game and with that being the case, she is 'nothin’ to play with,' neither is T.I.T.S. brand,” said Marek Grubel, the founder and owner of T.I.T.S.

"I came up with the mobster concept for this release because I love mobster movies so much,” Benz said. “The T.I.T.S design team did a great job with the graphics on these shirts. I'm all geared up in my mafia suit, a fedora hat and a machine gun leg. My fans are going crazy over these shirts and the word of my collaboration with T.I.T.S. is spreading like wildfire."

The Benz T-shirts are available at