StandAhead Moves From NATS3 to NATS4

QUEBEC — Gay affiliate program StandAhead announced the company has successfully completed a move from Too Much Media’s NATS3 to NATS4.

The move, being declared by the company as the first of its kind for a gay company, has included migrating all existing stats, payments and tools to a NATS4 install.

"The database move and integration has taken us over two years to complete, and countless man hours to move all the existing stats to a fresh install of NATS4,” said Richard Neate, StandAhead account manager.

“The NATS4 install will also help affiliates promote StandAhead sites,” Neate added. “The install, allows for a range of tools that we just couldn’t integrate with NATS3, such as Page Peels and certain feeds. NATS4 also gives affiliates a higher range of statistical information such as being able to filter to demographic location.” currently has six gay sites including,,,, and