Coquette: Pop Culture Affects Lingerie Sales

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Lingerie manufacturer Coquette is crediting the success of mainstream T.V. shows and movies showcasing the sexuality of 40-somethings for increasing its sales.

“Our lingerie sales alone have increased 30 percent since 2008 and Coquette overall has had sales increases of 15 percent,” said Marcus Horea, vice president of sales and marketing for Coquette. “We have noticed that this increase could be attributed to women 35 and older who are purchasing more lingerie, becoming our largest consumer demographic.”

The widespread success of “Sex and the City” has generated many more television shows and movies like “Cougar Town,” depicting older women as youthful and single, challenging conventional gender roles, the company said.

“Women today feel empowered to dress sexier while still asserting themselves in society, particularly in the workforce,” said Elaine Carson, senior designer at Coquette. “These new shows portraying women over 40 as independent and fashionable has encouraged their viewership to pursue this lifestyle. Lingerie is a large part of feeling sexy, no matter your age.”

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