Rocks-Off Adds New Sex Toys for Men

Ariana Rodriguez
STUDIO CITY, Calif. — U.K.-based toy manufacturer Rocks-Off has added new products to its collection of “Toys for Him.”

The Hot Lips cock ring is designed as a set of red, puckered up lips that wrap around the penis with soft stretchy material. It includes a micro-vibrator that provides trembling sensations for the wearer on his shaft and clit stimulation for her.

“What’s better than roses on your piano? Two lips on your organ,” joked Leslie Shwartzer, Rocks-Off’s U.S. sales director. “It’s a fun little gadget for couples.”

She told XBIZ that the Hot Lips has received such a good response that Rocks-Off is working on creating a replacement motor for it that will be sold separately.

“People like the look and feel of it — they don’t want to throw it away,” Shwartzer said.

Rocks-Off also added the Buddies Missile and Buddies Scud to its offerings for men. Schwartzer said they’re made similarly to the company’s Mini-Mates collection, which include a RO 120mm Bullet vibe covered in a sleeve.

Schwartzer said that what makes the Missile and Scud stand out in the gay market are their removable black sleeves and “boy packaging” that features a camouflage design.

The Buddies Range is made from IntraMed, Rocks-Off’s own developed material formulated from silicone-like substance. It's nonporous, hypoallergenic, phthalates-free, latex-free, and has antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria.

It also has no odor or taste, and because it is not silicone, it can be used with several kinds of lube — except oil-based. The environmentally friendly product also is recyclable.

The RO 120mm bullet features five functions, including a lower and higher vibration, a crescendo function and two different pulsation speeds. The bullet runs on two AAA batters and is completely waterproof and submersible.

Schwartzer said three more products for men are set to be released this year, including a new version of its bestselling product, the Rude-Boy P-Spot stimulator.

The Hot Lips and Buddies Range are now available from wholesale distributors or through the Rocks-Off U.S. website.