Click Truth Empowers PrivateCamZ

Stephen Yagielowicz
NEW YORK — and have announced the contracting and implementation of the Click Truth technology platform for PrivateCamZ's live chat network.

"We are excited to be the first cam group to incorporate this type of technology," PrivateCamZ President Dan Hogue said. "This is going to improve the length of the session times and delivery of very specific content to our user base. It's a great time for a new marketing technology like this."

Hogue says he was pleasantly surprised by the ease of implementation.

"We were under contract on Monday and up and running by Friday," Hogue said. "Johnny's technical staff had all the answers to our questions and was incredibly helpful. They did most of all the work themselves, and I can't remember something going in so smoothly."

According to Click Truth CEO John "Johnny V" Van Arnam, this is an exciting time for the new company.

"It's awesome to be on the cutting edge of this type of technology," Van Arnam said. "Adding a cam network to our client list was one of our goals this quarter."

"Diversification is part of what Click Truth does best," Van Arnam added. "The software is so malleable and individualized it fits almost everywhere. We can't wait to run with Dan and his team."

Johnny V. has been on the cusp of new technologies in adult for a long time. He was there in 1997 when Visa began the chargeback decline from 7.5 percent all the way down to one percent and through innovation and perseverance assisted the adult community in adapting. He was there at the advent of search traffic in 2003 when SEM was in its infancy in adult and pioneered the relationship between the search engines and the adult space. Now on the software side, Johnny V is enjoying all the challenges and rewards that come with a new technology.

"It's scary sometimes," Van Arnam said. "We're out there with something that no one, literally, no one has. I went to Ad-Tech this April purposely to research and explore our competition and there wasn't an offering that was even close. Click Truth is so different from what anyone has, that people are having a hard time categorizing it."

"Our software will learn from your users on a micro granular level and make real time decisions based on that data, presenting them with more of exactly (and I mean exactly) what they want," he added. "That will extend their time on your network, and the money that surfers will spend."

"That's what really got me," Hogue offered. "The fact that it learns, and then makes real-time decisions based on whatever parameters I set, incorporating patterns from every surfer I have and every affinity of their individual habits? It's just a perfect fit for adult."

"The amount of data is incredible," Hogue added. "And the reality that I don't have to hire anyone to act upon that data is a huge bonus."

Van Arnam says that the advantages to the Click Truth platform are as big as the user's imagination.

"We're figuring out all kinds of uses from slowing down attrition rates, to cross marketing other properties within your network, join form abandonment, to retention, to incorporating channel partners and beyond," he said.

"If this isn't 'the' next new big thing in adult," Hogue said, "it is definitely 'a' new next thing in adult, and possibly the future."

"I see what they are setting out to accomplish and I get it," he concluded. "We have always tried to be originators on the web, and this technology ranks right up there with affiliate marketing and cross sells. In a very short time, no network will be complete without it."