Wicked Pictures’ Armstrong Reveals Motorcycle Blockbuster Film

Bob Johnson

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Wicked Pictures’ blockbuster movie for 2010 is set to begin production, XBIZ has learned.

In an exclusive interview with the film’s director, Brad Armstrong, XBIZ was told that the new movie’s working title is “Speed,” and will focus on motorcycle racing in the spirit of Hollywood movies like “The Fast and the Furious,” “Torque,” and “Biker Boys.”

Armstrong said Wicked’s ambitious new film comes with a $250,000 budget and will include the Wicked Girls plus a primary cast of 30 members and over 100 extras.

According to the director, the 12-scene movie extravaganza will take action sequences in adult to the next level with an abundance of motorcycle racing and stunts.

The film will also include a special 3D virtual motorcycle ride bonus feature that allows viewers to experience the thrill of actual racing.

“I really wanted to do something special with this film and have been considering the use of 3D, but I really felt that current 3D doesn’t lend itself to sex scenes as much as it does to a viewer experience. The wild bike rides will be an amazing thing to see in 3D in the film’s bonus features,” Armstrong said.

He quipped, “It’s going to be a ‘wicked’ ride.”

The story will center on different biker clubs and it’s planned that each will center around a different Wicked Girl. “There won’t be one star, but like our movie “2040,” all of the Wicked Girls will be able to shine,” Armstrong said.

Shooting is planned primarily around central Los Angeles. Armstrong said he plans on closing the 6th Street bridge and shoot in some basin locations. Desert scenes are also on tap for the movie.

When asked if he considered shooting the movie using the high-end Red One cameras that are the current rage, Armstrong told XBIZ that using them would have been problematic with the amount of multiple scenes and stunt shooting he’s planning.

“I would have to have three Red cameras working every day — that could be a technical nightmare,” Armstrong said.

Further details on production will be announced shortly. The movie is scheduled for a late September release.