RockHard Laboratories Releases Pandora

Ariana Rodriguez
ATLANTA — RockHard Laboratories has released Pandora, a new sexual enhancer for women.

The company said that after conducting extensive testing and research, it found that it is unlike any other pill on the market, taking effect 30 minutes after consumption. Pandora also is safe to take with alcohol.

“RockHard Laboratories believes Pandora is the perfect successor to RockHard Weekend, their 72-hour all-natural male enhancement counterpart,” the company said. “With these two products at home, couples are guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime.”

Robbie, a RockHard spokesperson, told XBIZ that Pandora’s formula is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients.

“My bosses don't like to advertise exactly what's in it due to the competitive nature of the field, if they had the option they wouldn't even put it on the package,” she said. “They kind of see it like Coke and their secret formula.”

Robbie added that Pandora’s formula works with a woman's physiology — meaning it literally will send tingles throughout her body.

For more information, visit, or call (800) 562-0542.