SetGo Up For Sale

Cory Kincaid
LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Adult webmaster resource site went on the sale block today after the site's owner, Bernie Dunning, decided it was time to move on to other projects and a simpler lifestyle.

After receiving a fairly dramatic graphical facelift a few weeks ago that Dunning says had been in the works for a while, SetGo is officially up for grabs with a negotiable price tag of somewhere in the tens of thousands.

"Or whoever comes in with the highest number within a reasonable amount of time," Dunning told XBiz. "SetGo has been a big project and takes time to run with a lot of scripts on it," Dunning continued. "It just got to be, from my perspective, more of a pain in the ass than it was worth. When I started I wanted to be a high profile guy in the community and I got that for a while. My wants have changed and I would rather be anonymous and not deal with the extraneous stuff."

Only a day after being tagged with an official 'For Sale' sign, the site has garnered a few serious prospectors, Dunning told XBiz, but nothing has yet been etched in stone.

Dunning, who has owned webmaster referral program FetishBucks since 1998, attributes his interest in selling SetGo to wanting to rid himself of the laborious chore of selling advertising for the site.

While he describes his work on FetishBucks as being immediately financially rewarding, selling advertising for SetGo has never been Dunning's forte.

"If you've got the traffic, which we do, it isn't difficult to get advertisers," Dunning told XBiz. "I just really don't like to sell ads. I don't drink anymore, I don't party, and it's tough to hire someone who has the energy and commitment to go out and do that for you."

The popular and heavily trafficked resource site, which features sharp and often controversial editorials on all things related to the adult world, including porn stars, gossip, and business transactions, has been in full flight since Dunning purchased it for a paltry $3,000 in 1999 from John Allbright, also known as GogoBar.

Dunning and staff transformed the site into a successful, all-purpose webmaster resource that has maintained its stride among a small but persistent group of adult resource competitors. Some of SetGo's editorial contributors have been adult entertainment notables like Luke Ford, Hank Rose, and Jim Goad, among many others over the years.

As for the eventual fate of SetGo, Dunning seems impartial.

"It all depends on the buyer," he said. "If they choose to buy the site and continue on like we've been doing, there are plenty of people who are dying to get their name published and will remain with the site."

In the meantime, Dunning will continue to pursue his passion for martial arts and a more wholesome lifestyle.

"I've got enough money and I don't have to do what I don't want to do anymore," he said.