Fun Factory to Release Click ‘N’ Charge ‘Cobra Libre’ Masturbator

Ariana Rodriguez
HANNOVER, Germany — Fun Factory is preparing to launch the Cobra, a toy for men that features two motors that deliver pulsing vibrations, modeled after the Cobra Libre, a British racecar.

The device, which features a silicone inner lining, delivers right-on stimulation with a variety of vibration settings by sweeping a finger over the light-up Slide touch pad.

“From zero to 100 in zero time,” the company said. “Even the pit stops with the new Click ‘N’ Charge loading technology are record-breaking fast. But not only is the technology fascinating. Also the Cobra Libre design makes hearts beats faster. Pure passion in a sporty, spiffy shape. From start to a great finish!”

The Cobra Libre also feature overlapping effects, which occur when both motors run at approximately at the same revolutions. The overlapping carries over into the vibrations creating a rhythmic pulsing.

The sporty, ergonomically shaped Cobra Libre will be available soon. Its “paintwork” comes in white-black, white-dark blue, black-black and black-red.

With the Fun Magnetic Plug, its Click ‘N’ Charge technology makes it environmentally friendly. The recharging plug features a metallic contact point that connects to the magnetic surface on the new vibes, located on the toy’s Fun Factory logo, and sends re-ups the item’s power levels without affecting its memory.

Available with country-appropriate plugs, the Fun Magnetic Plug recharges the entire line of Click ‘N’ Charge items, which include lithium-polymer batteries.

Fun Factory has posted a promotional video, which can be viewed here.

For details on the Cobra Libre, call (800) 730-6016.